Tuesday, November 27, 2012

When I Love, I Love.

It sounds what for you? 
Can I possibly know?  Well for me, am really certain When I Love, I Love!!! for Love is the Most Sweetest Thing I have ever known in this whole life.

There's no crime at all when you truly love from your heart, isn't that so sweet? Love knows nothing but Love, it's never recognizing no other thing in this life but just to love and let be loved. It's something that everybody possesses since we have opened our eyes, there was love when we came to this earth we live in and it all started with our dear parents. So I am pretty sure that all of us depends on Love and lives for Love. When we feel we are loved and when we love there is always the stillness of us, so I'd Love to let you know that because the words ''I LOVE YOU'' has ever been my most favorite words is simply because I WAS BORN TO LOVE AND BE LOVED, So I'm Giving You Nothing But ''Love'' Enjoy some of My Heart Melting Precious Love Moments when You can Just Say, These sweetest words ''I LOVE YOU''.



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