Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Writing Is My Passion...

Hello ,Dearest Friends...Enjoy This Beautiful Carrie's Article & Have a Great Day!!!

Would you love to know how a simple writer really gets himself or herself settled for a good write up?
I feel greatly that the love for writing will always be an outstanding part of my life's journey, just as the love for music, always there's this great desire for me to be here and spend some precious moments to pen down whatever goes in my heart or mind. 
Truly writers are of different modes and emotions, some irresistible aesthetics i have in my heart lives forever, wherein I myself cannot deny, so I'm just too happy to be here in any given moment penning few lines that i love sharing with all the beautiful friends who surrounds me and of course to those endless readers, providing me with good inspirations, who share supporting thoughts, those endless points of views that serves to be useful, which are basis too of pursuing continuously to contribute good ideas about writing and get the feeling of belonging as family of writers.
The aging experience in such site like this gives the essence of beauty of knowing that we were once a writer in our own simple way and hopes to be forever.
Well I have decided to picture it in this way then, a person who feels the love for writing often will just in any situation pause and get the best place and grab a pen and a paper, or perhaps gets to settle with the computer and writes as freely as the situation drives the writer to do so. I suppose that a lot of the writers have all these common simple moments in their lives which is to me happens.