Monday, July 1, 2013


Happy when the sun comes out,
And the darkness leaves for light,
Happy when the rainbow shines,
And the birds they take their flight.

Happy when you see someone,
Someone close to your heart,
Happy when you meet someone,
And you know you can never part.

Happy when school’s cancelled,
So you can go and have some fun,
Happy when you go and run,
When all the studying’s done.

Happy when you see your friends,
You see them laugh and call,
Happy when you go over to them,
And you start to have a ball.

Happy when your favourite food,
Is on the table waiting for you,
Happy when that dress you wanted,
Is waiting for you too.

Happy when you argued with your best friend,
And you discover that you were right,
But even happier when she,
Apologises and hugs you tight.

Happy when you find out that,
Your favourite star’s in town,
Happy when you go to his concert,
Jumping up and down.

Happy when you taste success,
And it tastes so sweet to you,
There is happiness in every
Single little thing you do.


Be Happy Whetever You Are & Made!!!