Saturday, January 5, 2013

Poems by Pablo Neruda

Coquelicot ... Belle image

It was passed from one bird to another,the whole gift of the day.The day went from flute to flute,went dressed in vegetation,in flights which opened a tunnelthrough the wind would passto where birds were breaking openthe dense blue air -and there, night came in.
When I returned from so many journeys,I stayed suspended and greenbetween sun and geography -I saw how wings worked,how perfumes are transmittedby feathery telegraph,and from above I saw the path,the springs and the roof tiles,the fishermen at their trades,the trousers of the foam;I saw it all from my green sky.I had no more alphabetthan the swallows in their courses,the tiny, shining waterof the small bird on firewhich dances out of the pollen. 

Coquelicot ... barre
Coquelicots ... Belle image
Entrance Of The Rivers

Beloved of the rivers,beset By azure water and transparent drops,Like a tree of veins your spectre Of dark goddess biting apples: And then awakening naked To be tattoed by the rivers, And in the wet heights your head Filled the world with new dew.
Water rose to your waist, You are made of wellsprings And lakes shone on your forehead.From your sources of density you drewWater like vital tears And hauled the riverbeds to the sandAcross the planetary night, Crossing rough, dilated stone, Breaking down on the way All the salt of geology, Cutting through forests of compact wallsDislodging the muscles of quartz. 
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Enigma with Flower

Victory. It has come late, I had not learnthow to arrive, like the lily, at will,the white figure, that piercesthe motionless eternity of earth,pushing at clear, faint, form,till the hour strikes: that clay,with a white ray, or a spur of milk.Shedding of clothing, the thick darkness of soil,on whose cliff the fair flower advances,till the flag of its whitenessdefeats the contemptible deep of night,and, from the motion of light,spills itself in astonished seed. 
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