Saturday, August 13, 2016

༺♥༻A Song Only Y♥u Can Hear༺♥༻


Tonight The Darkness Seems So Deep
And Silent Stars Watch As We Sleep
The Drift Across The Sky 
Never Stop To Wonder Why
Million Eyes Could Never Weep 

She Lies Dreaming Like A Child 
Here Beside Me All The While 
She'll Just Dream Away
Until The Break Of Day
And Gently Wake Me With A Smile

She Makes Me Laugh
She Makes Me Cry 
She Brings Me Down
And Takes Me High 
She Fills My Life 
And Makes It Real 
No Matter What She Does 
She Makes Me Feel 

And When The Dawn Becomes The Day 
Her Nightime Dreams They Slip Away 
She's There Beside Me Still 
The Way She Always Will 
Sharing My Life In Every Way