Thursday, January 12, 2012

Poem-Love Is...

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Love is having patience, love is kind,
Love is you, forever on my mind.

Thinking about you all day and night,
Knowing with you, I never want to fight.

Love is knowing, that without you here,
That missing you so much, brings a tear.

I need you here, needing your kiss,
That is something, I really miss.

Love is looking into your eyes,
I see our future, with clear skies.

I can see us together, for the rest of our life,
I'll be your husband, and you'll be my wife.

Love is when I hold your hand,
A feeling that is never bland.

The feel of your skin touching mine,
Sends shivers going down my spine.

Love fills me up with hope and cheer,
Knowing that with you, I will never fear.

Opening my heart to let you in,
This is our love, and we will win.

Love is knowing, that your love is true,
As long as your with me, I'll never be blue.

You make me smile, and fill me with love,
I tell you truthfully, you're all I dream of.

by James Pike