Monday, April 23, 2012

✷ Want To Fall In £øvє ✷

Let’s FACE IT We All ’WANT TO FALL IN LOVE’’, Right?
Why ???  

Because that EXPERIENCE makes us feel completely ALIVE, where every SENSE IS HEIGHTENED every EMOTION IS MAGNIFIED, our everyday Reality is SHATTERED  and we are Plunged into the Heavens , it may only Last a Moment and an Hour,  an Afternoon but that Doesn’t Diminish its VALUE because we’re LEFT WITH MEMORIES that we Treasure for the Rest of our Lives

So the final question is  ---  WHY DO PEOPLE FALL IN LOVE ?  When you can have such a short Shelf Life and be Devastatingly Painful ?

Reasons :
*    Needs Propagation of the Specie
*    Psychologically we need to Connect with Somebody
*    Or  We Are Culturally Preconditioned  --- These may be much too intellectual reasons.

Real Reason IS :
As Some of you may already know,  
IT FEELS  ……….  GREAT !!!