Thursday, June 14, 2012


Sitting here,
All alone.
Nobody to talk to,
Only me and my heart.
Thinking of you,
Smiling at myself..

Drifting away to a world
With nobody else then ourselves.
Reaching out for you.
My fingertips touching your face.
Feeling it, loving it.
Your smile,
so innocent and pure.
Your hands lifting me of the ground.
Your eyes,
so sweet and caring.
And a voice that makes me shiver from delight.
Your lips,
so warm and tender,
Saying words that make me blush.
The sunshine reflecting on your skin,
The wind playing with your hair,
Making you even more beautiful.
For once there are no worries on my mind,
Only you.

Trying to memorize why I feel like this
when I'm around you,
While the answer is standing right in front of me.
Because you are who you truly are,
and you love me for who I am.
Slowly I'm realizing I love you too.

But then,
I hear my name.
I'm slowly waking up,
Not willing to let you go,
not just yet.
Slowly I'm coming back to earth,
Knowing you're already out of reach,
Knowing full well it was all just a dream
but still I'm loving you,
smiling at you,
thinking of you.
Realizing this dream someday will be
everything that a dream is not :


By  Kelly Mateusen

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