Wednesday, July 10, 2013

How Do You Miss Somebody? I Miss You Even In My Sleep...

''I Miss You'', such a sweet stormy words to always tell for somebody whom you dearly love. Is there anybody in this life who have not felt this kind of beautiful feeling? I think not one, for all of us did had this kind of need to feel loved, to belong, to be caressed and much more of those beautiful emotions. We can say this lovely phrase for anybody who truly is dear in our hearts, in most craziest way you can even say that ''I MISS YOU EVEN IN MY SLEEP''. Now this is going to sound for some readers like so absurd but i don't think so. Anyhow the degree of missing varies from us all right?

Say this beautiful phrase in many ways: It can be to your child, your baby, your parents, your brother or a sister, a friend, to an elderly, to a relative, to an enemy if you happen to, or even to a pet or an animal, also can be said to a place or a thing that gives you a reminder of beautiful moments and can be funny things too or something a little blue perhaps, something that you've been used to do every time you are together or can be a food too.
In so many situations too many people or shall i say many of us do have this kind of feelings most specially perhaps for a very dear special person. Missing somebody isn't a bad thing really instead that shows only that you have a lot of good feelings with that particular person, incident, situation, or places, can be music too or can be a scent too. Mostly it deals with something good and that is why we can't help saying these or even having this in our mind every second of our lives.

Enjoy Your Summer Vacations & Be Happy!!!!